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LAMDA is affiliated with the National Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology and the Department of Computer Science & Technology, Nanjing University, China. It locates at Computer Science and Technology Building in the Xianlin campus of Nanjing University, mainly in Rm910. The Founding Director of LAMDA is Prof. Zhi-Hua Zhou.

"LAMDA" means "Learning And Mining from DatA". The main research interests of LAMDA include machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition, information retrieval, evolutionary computation, neural computation, and some other related areas. Currently our research mainly involves: ensemble learning, semi-supervised and active learning, multi-instance and multi-label learning, cost-sensitive and class-imbalance learning, metric learning, dimensionality reduction and feature selection, structure learning and clustering, theoretical foundations of evolutionary computation, improving comprehensibility, content-based image retrieval, web search and mining, face recognition, computer-aided medical diagnosis, bioinformatics, etc.


2018-11-02 ~ 2018-11-04The 16th Chinese Workshop on Machine Learning and applications (MLA 2018)
2016-11-04 ~ 2016-11-06The 14th Chinese Workshop on Machine Learning and applications (MLA 2016)
2015-11-05 ~ 2015-11-08 The 13rd Chinese Workshop on Machine Learning and applications (MLA 2015)
2014-06-15 ~ 2014-06-20 2014 Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS 2014)
2013-10-17 ~ 2013-10-19 The 8th International Workshop on Nature Inspired Computation and Applications (NICaiA Autumn 2013)
2013-05-15 ~ 2013-05-17 The 11th International Conference on Multiple Classifier Systems (MCS 2013)
2013-05-13 ~ 2013-05-14 The 2nd Workshop on Partially Supervised Learning (PSL 2013)
2009-11-02 ~ 2009-11-04 The 1st Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML 2009)
2007-05-22 ~ 2007-05-25The 11th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PAKDD 2007)


2019-05-22 Xuan Huo and Hanjia Ye qualify through Ph.D viva-voce
2019-02-26 Wangzhou Dai and Teng Zhang qualify through Ph.D viva-voce
2018-11-21 Shaoyuan Li qualify through Ph.D viva-voce
2018-09-05 Prof. Leslie Valiant visited LAMDA and made a speech
2018-08-26 Prof. Stephen H. Muggleton visited LAMDA and made a speech
2018-08-10 The paper"Multi-Instance Multi-label learning with New Labels" by Yue Zhu and Prof. Zhi-Hua Zhou won the CCDM'18 best paper
2018-06-21 The second graduation farewell with editorial awards ceremony was held successfully
2018-06-14 Prof. Roman Słowiński visited LAMDA and made a speech
2018-06-14 Prof. Cheng Zhang visited LAMDA and made a speech
2018-06-14 Prof. Mingxuan Sun visited LAMDA and made a speech
2018-05-22 Master's thesis defense was held successfully
2018-05-21 Xiushen Wei and Binbin Gao qualify through Ph.D viva-voce
2018-05-15 Chao Qian visited LAMDA and made a speech
2018-03-26 Prof. Bing-Sheng He visited LAMDA and gave a short term course for five days
2018-01-04 Dr. Yin Li visited LAMDA and made a speech

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