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Open Seminar 2005

2005-11-2915:00 蒙民伟楼404会议室
2D Methods in Pattern Analysis
2005-11-2215:00 蒙民伟楼404会议室
Uni-party and bi-party community generation
Zhongfei Zhang, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, T.J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science, State University of New York at Binghamton
2005-10-1815:00 蒙民伟楼404会议室
Multicue Energy-Driven HMM-UKF for Real-Time Object Tracking
Dr. Yong Rui, Microsoft Research Redmond, USA.
2005-09-1914:30 蒙民伟楼109报告厅
Single Model versus Matching Model
Dr. Kai Ming Ting, Gippsland School of Computing and Information Technology, Monash University, Australia
2005-07-0514:30 蒙民伟楼404会议室
In-Depth Data Mining
Chengqi Zhang, Professor, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
2005-03-2415:00 蒙民伟楼404会议室
Granular Computing: A New Problem Solving Paradigm
T. Y. Lin, Professor, Department of Computer Science, San Jose State University, USA
2005-03-2215:00 蒙民伟楼404会议室
Semantic Data and Knowledge Engineering for Complex Applications
Chen-Yu (Phillip) Sheu, Professor, IEEE Fellow, University of California, Irvine, USA
2005-03-0514:30 蒙民伟楼404会议室
王蔚博士, 南京师范大学
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