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Description: The package includes the MATLAB code of the FESL (Feature Evolvable Streaming Learning) which focuses on the learning with feature evolvable streams. The package includes two proposed approaches FESL-c and FESL-s as well as three baseline methods. You will find a main process whose name is 'main' in which FESL-c and FESL-s with other three baseline methods are all invoked. The directory 'Data synth' includes 9 synthetic datasets which is mentioned in our paper [1]. To get the results of five methods for each dataset, you only need to run 'main(tau_scale)' in matlab command window where 'tau_scale' is a parameter searched in the range {1,10,50,100,150} to tune the scale of the step in SGD.


[1] B.-J. Hou, L. Zhang, and Z.-H. Zhou. Learning with Feature Evolvable Streams. In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 30 (NIPS'17) (Long Beach, CA), 2017.

Requirement: The package was developed with MATLAB(R2016b).


- This package is free for academic usage. You can run it at your own risk. For other purposes, please contact Prof. Zhi-Hua Zhou (

- This package was developed by Mr. Bo-Jian Hou ( For any problem concerning the code, please feel free to contact Mr. Hou.

Download: [code] (8597KB)
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