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Seminar abstract

Topic modeling and machine learning at Twitter

Chih-Jen Lin
University of Birmingham

Abstract: In this talk, I will present our collaborative work with our medical school in applying network science and heuristic optimisation techniques to understand the molecular mechanisms of cancer. I will introduce Disease Module Extraction (DIME), a new network analysis algorithm developed in my group, and its application to the understanding the molecular mechanisms of glioma progression.

Bio: Dr. Shan He is a Lecturer in Computational Biology in the School of Computer Science, the University of Birmingham´╝ÄThe post is part of the Systems Science for Health initiative. I am also working in the Centre for Systems Biology (CSB), the School of Biosciences. Previously, I was a Bridging the Gap research fellow, a Wellcome Trust Value in People fellow, a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow and a research associate in Cercia. I obtained my PhD degree in Electrical Engineering and Electronics from the University of Liverpool in 2007.
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