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Seminar abstract

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

Zhengdong Lu
Noah's Ark Lab

Abstract: Recent years have observed significant progress in research on deep learning, particularly deep learning for natural language processing (DL4NLP). In fact, almost all the major tasks in natural language processing have been revolutionized with deep learning, while for some of them the improvements in performance are really significant, such as generation-based natural language dialogue. Noah' Ark Lab is among several research groups in the world, putting great effort on the research topic of DL4N LP. Dr. Lu will introduce the work done at the lab, including learning to match, machine translation, natural language dialogue, image retrieval, and question answering. He will particularly talk in details about the recent work on memory based machine translation and deep learning for reasoning.

Bio: Zhengdong Lu is a senior researcher at Noah's Ark Lab, Huawei. He got his Ph.D degree from Oregon Health & Science University. Before joining Huawei, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in University of Texas at Austin and an associate researcher in MSRA.
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