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Seminar abstract

IEEE Computer Society Nanjing Chapter年会:Large-Scale Structured Sparse Learning

Jieping Ye
Associate Profesor
Arizona State University

abstract: Recent advances in high-throughput technologies have unleashed a torrent of data with a large number of dimensions. Examples include gene expression pattern images, gene/protein expression data, and neuroimages. Variable selection is crucial for the analysis of these data. In this talk, we consider the structured sparse learning for variable selection where the structure over the features can be represented as a hierarchical tree, an undirected graph, or a collection of disjoint or overlapping groups. We show that the proximal operator associated with these structures can be computed efficiently, thus accelerated gradient techniques can be applied to scale structured sparse learning to large-size problems. Finally, we introduce the SLEP package recently developed in our group for large-scale sparse learning.

bio: Jieping Ye is an Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Arizona State University. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2005. His research interests include machine learning, data mining, and biomedical informatics. He won the outstanding student paper award at ICML in 2004, the SCI Young Investigator of the Year Award at ASU in 2007, the SCI Researcher of the Year Award at ASU in 2009, the NSF CAREER Award in 2010, the KDD best research paper award honorable mention in 2010, and the KDD best research paper nomination in 2011.
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