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Description: WellSVM is a package for scalable and convex weakly labeled SVMs. The package includes the MATLAB code of the algorithm WellSVM.

Reference: Yu-Feng Li, Ivor Tsang, James Kwok and Zhi-Hua Zhou. Scalable and convex weakly labeled SVMs. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 14:2151-2188, 2013.

ATTN: This package is free for academic usage. You can run it at your own risk. For other purposes, please contact (

Requirement: The package was developed with MATLAB(v2008a) and C++, hence Matlab and C++ need to be installed before running this code. A demo function and some data sets are included to illustrate the use of this package.

ATTN2: This package was developed by ( For any problem concerning the code, please feel free to contact Mr. Li.


code & data(2.7 MB), for semi-supervised learning, regular scale data sets

code & data(40 MB), for semi-supervised learning, large scale data sets

code & data(814 KB), for clustering, regular scale data sets

code(141 KB) & data(456 MB), for clustering, large scale data sets

code for multiple instance learning
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