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Open Seminar 2006

2006-10-2015:00 蒙民伟楼404会议室
2006-09-2915:00 蒙民伟楼404会议室
Intelligent Multimedia Computing in the Semantic Era - "This is the video I want!"
Dr. Weihong Huang, Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics
Kingston University London, UK
2006-06-0210:30 蒙民伟楼404会议室
Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization: New Approaches and Opportunities
Dr. Yixin Chen
Assistant Professor
2006-04-1414:30 蒙民伟楼404会议室
Kernel-Based Multi-Instance Learning
Dr. James Tin-Yau Kwok
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
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