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ACML: Asian Conference on Machine Learning




Zhi-Hua Zhou Nanjing University, China
(Member: 2010- present; Co-Chair: 2010-2012; Chair: 2013- present)
Tu-Bao Ho Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
(Member: 2010- present; Co-Chair: 2013-present)


Thomas G. Dietterich Oregon State University, USA
(Member: 2010 - present)
Bernhard Pfahringer University of Waikato, New Zealand
(Member: 2010 - present)
Takashi Washio Osaka University, Japan
(Member: 2010 - present)
Geoff Webb Monash University, Australia
(Member: 2010 - present)
Qiang Yang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China
(Member: 2010 - present)
Masashi Sugiyama Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
(Member: 2011 - present)
Wee Sun Lee National University of Singapore, Singapore
(Member: 2014 - present)

Honorary member

Hiroshi Motoda AFOSR/AOARD and Osaka University, Japan
(Member: 2010-2012; Chair: 2010-2012; Honorary member: 2013 - present)
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