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8:15-8:30Introduction from Organizers
8.30-9.20Keynote 1
Software Analytics: Towards Software Mining that Matters
Tao Xie
Session 1: Models
9.20-9.45Towards a Model-based Software Mining Infrastructure
9.45-10.10Calling Network: A New Method for Modeling Software Runtime Behaviors
Session 2: Mining Execution Traces
10.30-10.55Interaction Traces Mining for Efficient System Responses Generation
10.55-11.20Achieving Effective Test Suites for Reactive Systems using Specification Mining and Test Suite Reduction Techniques
11.20-11.45Automata-based Pattern Mining from Imperfect Traces
11.45-12.10Discussion 1: Models and Execution Trace Mining
13.30-14.20Keynote 2
Ling Huang
Session 3: Bug Localization and Fixing
14.20-14.45Comparing Incremental Latent Semantic Analysis Algorithms for Efficient Retrieval from Software Libraries for Bug Localization
14.45-15.10On Incomplete Bug Fixes in Eclipse and Programmers' Intuition on These
Session 4: MALIR SE
15.30-15.55Topic-based, Time-aware Bug Assignment
15.55-16.20Towards Detecting Software Performance Anti-patterns using Classification Techniques
16.20-16.55 Discussion 2: Bugs and Anti-Patterns
16.55-17.10 Closing from Organizers