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Session 1
8:45 -- 9:00Workshop Opening
Host: Ming Li and Xiaoyin Wang
9:00 -- 10:00Invited Talk 1
Title: The Future and Promise of Software Engineering Research
Speaker: Tim Menzies
10:00 -- 10:30Morning Break
Session 2
10:30 -- 11:30Invited Talk 2
Title: Software Analytics: Data-Driven Software Engineering
Speaker: Hongyu Zhang
11:30 -- 11:55Title: DRAT: An Unobtrusive, Scalable Approach to Large Scale Software License Analysis
Authors: Chris A. Mattmann, Ji-Hyun Oh, Tyler Palsulich, Lewis John McGibbney, Yolanda Gil and Varun Ratnakar
11:55 -- 12:20Title: Automatically Mining Negative Code Examples from Software Developer Q & A Forums
Authors: Ryan Serva, Zachary R. Senzer, Lori Pollock and K. Vijay-Shanker
12:20 -- 13:30Lunch
Session 3
13:30 -- 13:55Title: CrossPare - A Tool for Benchmarking Cross-Project Defect Predictions
Authors: Steffen Herbold
13:55 -- 14:20Title: An Empirical Study of Long Method and God Method in Industrial Projects
Authors: Xiaoqiong Zhao, Xiao Xuan and Shanping Li
14:20 -- 14:45Title: Mining Software Dependency Networks for Agent-Based Simulation of Software Evolution
Authors: Verena Honsel, Daniel Honsel, Steffen Herbold, Jens Grabowski and Stephan Waack
Panel Session
14:45 -- 15:40Title: Future of Software Mining with Large Software Repository Available