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Software systems have been playing important roles in business, scientific research, and our everyday lives. It is critical to improve both software productivity and quality, which are major challenges to software engineering researchers and practitioners. In recent years, software mining has emerged as a promising means to address these challenges. It has been successfully applied to discover knowledge from software artifacts (e.g., specifications, source code, documentations, execution logs, and bug reports) to improve software quality and development process (e.g., to obtain the insights for the causes leading to poor software quality, to help software engineers locate and identify problems quickly, and to help the managers optimize the resources for better productivity). Software mining has attracted much attention in both software engineering and data mining communities.

The Fifth International Workshop on Software Mining aims to bridge research in the data mining community and software engineering community by providing an open and interactive forum for researchers who are interested in software mining to discuss the methodologies and technical foundations of software mining, approaches and techniques for mining various types of software-related data, applications of data mining to facilitate specialized tasks in software engineering. Participants of diverse background in either data mining or software engineering can benefit from this workshop by sharing their expertise, exchanging ideas and discussing new research results

Authors who are interested in software mining are invited to submit their manuscripts related to all aspects of software mining including software mining foundations, mining specific software data, software mining in specialized tasks, etc.


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