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9:30 -- 9:45Workshop Opening
Host: Ming Li and Lucia
9:45 -- 10:30Invited Talk 1
Speaker: Sinno Jialin Pan
10:30 -- 11:00Morning Break
Session 1: Code Mining
11:00 -- 11:25Title: Mining Timed Regular Expressions from System Traces
Authors: Greta Cutulenco, Yogi Joshi, Apurva Narayan and Sebastian Fischmeister
11:25 -- 11:50Title: By the power of SMT! Mining function contracts to better bounded model checking
Authors: Azat Abdullin and Marat Akhin
11:50 -- 12:15Title: Automatic Prediction of Bug Fixing Effort Measured by Code Churn Size
Authors: Ferdian Thung
12:15 -- 12:35Title: On the Feasibility of Detecting Cross-Platform Code Clones via Identifier Similarity
Authors: Xiao Cheng, Lingxiao Jiang, Hao Zhong, Haibo Yu and Jianjun Zhao
12:35 -- 13:00Discussion
13:00 -- 14:30Lunch
14:30 -- 15:15Invited Talk 2
Speaker: Tien N.Nguyen
Session 2: Text Mining
15:15 -- 15:40Title: Duplicate Issue Detection for the Android Open Source Project
Authors: Kasthuri Jayarajah, Meeralakshmi Radhakrishnan and Camellia Zakaria
15:40 -- 16:05Title: Mining Testing Questions on Stack Overflow
Authors: Pavneet Singh Kochhar
16:05 -- 16:20Discussion
16:20 -- 17:00Coffee Break
17:00 -- 18:00Keynote Speech
Speaker: Andreas Zeller