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Accepted Papers :

Evaluating Micro Patterns and Software Metrics in Vulnerability Prediction
Kazi Zakia Sultana and Byron Williams

Eliciting Big Data Requirement from Big Data Itself: A Task-Directed Approach
Peng Wang, Ke Tao, Chenxu Gao, Xi Ning and Bo Deng

Competition-Aware Task Routing for Contest Based Crowdsourced Software         Development
Yang Fu, Hailong Sun and Luting Ye

A Hybrid Approach to Code Reviewer Recommendation with Collaborative Filtering
Zhenglin Xia, Hailong Sun, Jing Jiang, Xu Wang and Xudong Liu

Mining Temporal Intervals from Real-time System Traces
Sean Kauffman and Sebastian Fischmeister

Mining Specifications using Nested Words
Apurva Narayan, Nirmal Benann and Sebastian Fischmeister

A Code Inspection Tool by Mining Recurring Changes in Evolving Software
Alex Fish, Thuy Linh Nguyen and Myoungkyu Song

Data-Driven Usability Refactoring: Tools and Challenges
Alejandra Garrido, Sergio Firmenich, Julián Grigera and Gustavo Rossi