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9:15 -- 9:30Opening
9:30 -- 10:30Keynote speech1
10:30 -- 11:00Coffee Break
Session 1: Specification and Requirement Analysis
11:00 -- 12:30Sean Kauffman and Sebastian Fischmeister. Mining Temporal Intervals from Real-time System Traces
Apurva Narayan, Nirmal Benann and Sebastian Fischmeister. Mining Specifications using Nested Words
Peng Wang, Ke Tao, Chenxu Gao, Xi Ning and Bo Deng. Eliciting Big Data Requirement from Big Data Itself: A Task-Directed Approach
12:30 -- 13:30Lunch Break
13:30 -- 14:30Keynote Speech 2
Session 2: Task Routing
14:30 -- 15:30Zhenglin Xia, Hailong Sun, Jing Jiang, Xu Wang and Xudong Liu. A Hybrid Approach to Code Reviewer Recommendation with Collaborative Filtering
Yang Fu, Hailong Sun and Luting Ye. Competition-Aware Task Routing for Contest Based Crowdsourced Software Development
15:30 -- 16:00Coffee Break
Session 3: Code Inspection and Refactoring
16:00 -- 17:00Kazi Zakia Sultana and Byron Williams. Evaluating micro patterns and software metrics in vulnerability prediction
Alex Fish, Thuy Linh Nguyen and Myoungkyu Song. A Code Inspection Tool by Mining Recurring Changes in Evolving Software
Alejandra Garrido, Sergio Firmenich, Julián Grigera and Gustavo Rossi. Data-Driven Usability Refactoring: Tools and Challenges
17:00 -- 17:45Panel Discussion
17:45 -- 18:00Closing