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15:30 -- 15:35Welcome and Introduction
15:35 -- 17:25 Title: Extracting Implicit Programming Rules: Comparing Static and Dynamic Approaches (long, 28 minutes)
Authors: Tarannum Shaila Zaman and Tingting Yu
Title: Who plays with Whom? ... and How? Mining API Interaction Patterns from Source Code (short, 18 minutes)
Authors: Robert Heumüller, Sebastian Nielebock and Frank Ortmeier
Title: Within-Ecosystem Issue Linking: A Large-scale Study of Rails (long, 28 minutes)
Authors: Yang Zhang, Yue Yu, Huaimin Wang, Bogdan Vasilescu and Vladimir Filkov
Title: Commits as a Basis for API Misuse Detection (short, 18 minutes)
Authors: Sebastian Nielebock, Robert Heumüller and Frank Ortmeier
Invited Talk: Inference of Semantic Patches from Code Examples (invited, 18 minutes)
Speaker: Lucas Serrano
17:25 -- 18:00Closing, Discussion, and Wrap Up

Note: Prior to 15:30, attendees can attend MASES 2018 (