Digital Image Processing
(Spring 2013)


    In the course, your are taught about how to enhance the image using Histogram Equalization. However, have you ever thought about how such technique helps enhance a color image?

    A trival solution is: equalizing the histogram of each color component of the image, i.e., the red compoent, the green component and the blue component. This sounds workable but seems not to be an ideal solution. For example, 

     Are you satisfied with this result?  Can you think of some methods to make better histogram equalization for color images? 

          1. Complete the function histeq_gray.m to equalize the histogram of a gray image. You can use some code fragments in Ch04.ppt.
          2. Complete the function histeq_color.m to equalize the histogram of a color image. You can use any method you can think of.
          3. You can use any image that can prove the effectiveness of your methods in this assignment.
          (All the materials can be found in Download section)

       You are NOT allowed to use the histeq function in matlab.

       1. Code.
           2. Sample input image. (We encourage you to use more images)

    Sepecification of submission
           1. Submission directory:
           2. The format: A zip file, which has the structure as: (--x means a directory named as x)
                        --code:  histeq_gray.m, histeq_color.m
                                --gray: all images you use for evlauate histeq_gray
                                --color: all images you use for evlauate histeq_color
                        --doc:  a pdf/doc file which describes the idea, method and implementation in your experiment. 
                Here we provide a sample submission file. (Your submitted file should be organised as the same structure as this file)
           3. Use your student number as the name of the submitted file, such as If you have multiple submissions, add an extra '_' with a number, such as We will use the the version with the largest number as your final submission.