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Bo-Jian Hou (B.-J. Hou)

PhD Candidate
Department of Computer Science
National Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology
Nanjing University

Email: houbj # (I would reply within 24 hours, if not, please contact me using Gmail account "houbj.hbj" or foxmail account "houbj.hbj")

Currently I am a third year PhD student of Department of Computer Science and Technology in Nanjing University and a member of LAMDA Group(LAMDA Publications), led by professor Zhi-Hua Zhou.

You can download my brief CV here.


Professor Zhi-Hua Zhou.


I received my B.Sc. degree in Computer Science and Technology in June 2014 from Nanjing University. Since September 2014, I was admitted to study for a Ph.D. degree in Nanjing University without entrance examination.

Research Interest

I am interested in Machine Learning. My main research direction is I am also interested in the subfields:


Professional Activities

Awards & Honors

Teaching Assistant

National Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University, Xianlin Campus Mailbox 603, 163 Xianlin Avenue, Qixia District, Nanjing 210023, China
(In Chinese:) 南京市栖霞区仙林大道163号,南京大学仙林校区603信箱,软件新技术国家重点实验室,210023。

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