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This is an illustration of WebSIS (the framework of "Web Search using Image Snippet"). WebSIS attempts to change the current style of Web search, by trying to exploit image information to improve Web search. Roughly, we try to extract meaningful image snippets from the Web pages, and return them to the user along with the text snippets (a "text snippet" is something like a rough summarization of the texts. if you do not know what are "text snippets", you can simply search something by using current search engines such as Google or Yahoo. The results they output are text snippets).  

We think image snippets could be very helpful, since it is usually more faster for a people to recognize that whether an image is relevant to his/her search query or not. Thus, by browsing through the image snippets, the user could identify some (we do not mean "all") relevant web pages more quickly. On the other hand, usually in order to get a good search result, the user has to provide some feedback (such as adding a refined search query). While in WebSIS, the user can simply choose some "relevant image snippets", then the search result will be refined.

This is just an illustration instead of a real prototype system
, which allows you to feel the usefulness of the image snippets. At present the illustration system only contains 2572 Web pages collected by posing 29 topics to Google. So, please constraint your query to these topics; Otherwise the system may return nothing. Moreover, in current implementation, after you selecting the relevant image snippets and pressing "submit", the system does not really refine the search results using image information. Instead, it simply looks for the shared words in the descriptions of the image snippets (assuming you have chosen multiple image snippets) and then uses these words to expand the original query. (In fact it is possible to use the visual information of the image snippets to refine the search results, which is an ongoing research of us, some preliminary results can be found in our IJCAI'07 paper.)

After trying the illustration, please do us a favor to fill in the feedback form (simply choose the "Feedback To Us" in the next page) to tell us your opinions on WebSIS. Your opinions will be valuable for us to improve our research.
Details of WebSIS can be found at:
X.-B. Xue, Z.-H. Zhou, and Z. Zhang. Improve web search using image snippets. In: Proceedings of the 21st National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI'06), Boston, MA, 2006, pp.1431-1436. (we have also a patent pending)
This illustration was developed by Mr. Xiao-Bing Xue (xuexb@lamda.nju.edu.cn). For any bugs please feel free to report to Mr. Xue. If you are interested in using the proposal of WebSIS (especially in commercial system), please contact Prof. Zhi-Hua Zhou (zhouzh@nju.edu.cn).