Abel Xiao

Software Engineer

Facebook, Inc.

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Carnegie Mellon University, M.Sc. in Information Technology

Department: Institute of Software Research, School of Computer Science

GPA: 4.0 / 4.0

Nanjing University, M.Eng. in Computer Science

Supervisor: Prof. Zhi-Hua Zhou, National Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology

Research focus: Machine learning and data mining algorithms

GPA: 88 / 100

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, B.Eng. in Computer Science

Three first-authored research papers published.

Overall GPA: 86 / 100, Major GPA: 89 / 100



Software Engineer

2012 ‐ present

Worked on ads optimization and real-time auction systems. Currently working on the open graph ranking and recommendation system.


Software Engineer

2010 ‐ 2011

Boosted the performance of data visualization modules by up to 3 times through the optimization and refactoring the existing code base. Designed, implemented and maintained the data visualization module on Android platform. Won the BIFE competition as Team Lead.


  • Java
  • Algorithm
  • Machine learning
  • Business intelligence
  • C++
  • Mathematics
  • Data mining
  • iOS
  • Objective-C
  • Optimization
  • Data visualization
  • Android

Selected Projects

FriendVoice: Socially Smart Product Reviews and Analytics

Carnegie Mellon University


Sponsored by BrandingBrand, the third-party eBusiness solution provider for GNC, AmericanEagle, etc., developed a product review system for GNC, which integrates social data from Facebook to enhance user experience in product reviews. The new system allows users to filter reviews according to their social relevance to authors, and enables businesses to gain insights into the social dynamics of their customer groups.

Data mining on financial product datasets

Carnegie Mellon University


Developed a series of data mining strategies and used them to discover accurate patterns from a customer relationship dataset and a historical financial dataset. Interesting patterns are discovered, which are helpful for both targeted marketing of existing financial products and decision-making on the introduction of new ones.

Online financial management and trading system

Carnegie Mellon University


Designed and implemented a prototype system for financial institutions to allow online management and trading of mutual funds, with special focus on concurrency, security and performance issues.

Online sales management system for eBay retailers

Carnegie Mellon University


Designed and implemented an integrated sales management system for online retailers using eBay web services. The system allows retailers to manage inventory and publish new products on multiple online shopping websites (such as eBay and Amazon) with a single click.

Conceptual and data modeling of mobile banking application

Carnegie Mellon University


Through Object-Oriented analysis and design, created both conceptual and data models on a new mobile banking system, which allows both bank employees and customers to perform daily operations online using either web browsers or mobile devices.

Design and implementation of future online pharmacy

Carnegie Mellon University


Through requirement analysis and usability testing on existing online pharmacy systems, created a contextual design for the future online pharmacy system of UPMC. Developed a prototype system based on the contextual design and conducted user studies for possible improvements on the user interface and shopping experience.

Comprehensible data mining on cognitive datasets

National Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology


Through the development and application of new data mining algorithms, identified and extracted novel patterns from a series of cognitive datasets. The patterns extracted are both more accurate and more comprehensible than those discovered through traditional data mining algorithms.



Nanjing University


Gave lectures on Problem Course in Discrete Mathematics, as a teaching assistant to Prof. Fangmin Song on Discrete Mathematics, Spring '08.


Solutions to Exercises in Discrete Mathematics Tutorial


Solved and TeXified solutions to a popular Chinese textbook in Discrete Mathematics.

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